Aquarium Filter Socks 100 & 200 Micron - 4 & 7 Inch

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Perfect for removing detritus and organic matter from your aquarium water.


 Material - High Quality Nylon Mesh

Micron rating - Available in 100micron (0.1mm) and 200micron (0.2mm)

Ring width - 4 & 7 Inch

Length - 9 & 14 Inches

- Made from 100% food safe/aquarium safe materials.

- For use in marine, tropical and freshwater aquariums.

Please select the required micron rating and size from the drop down menu at the top of the listing.

These filter socks are a great way of keeping your aquarium water crystal clear,
They will remove organic waste and detritus from the water column.

 Made from high quality nylon mesh material and a welded plastic ring all aquarium safe materials.

 This filter sock can be cleaned and reused many times by simply running under a tap to clean out detritus from the material.

Perfect for using on your return pipe in your sump tank.

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